The B & B Cà da Nonna is located in the historic village of Pareto, in Via Mazzini n. 4.

b-b-ca-da-nonna (3)Past the archway, the ancient gate of the medieval village on the right Mrs. Vanna will welcome you with its hospitality and delicious breakfast.

“Pareto is a country of high hill in the Appennino Ligure located southern part of the province of Alessandria, at the end of the so-called” way of the Badlands “, surrounded by nature and surrounded by an enchanting landscape, and on clear days at sunset enjoys perhaps one of the most beautiful views of the nearby Langhe, the wooded hills of the pre-Appennino of Savona, and away on the chain of Monviso. The sea is only a half hour trip, the salubrious climate, the tranquility of the place is ideal for the tourist who wants to spend her days of vacation in the beaches of nearby Liguria and the green paths, to explore on foot, mountain bike or horseback, following suggestive routes ”

taken from the guide VIAVAI published by Antares



In the lush forests surrounding the town, easily accessible, you can collect many species of edible mushrooms, including the famous “porcino”.
Following driven innovation with LR 24/2007 ‘s regional authorization a receipt of payment of € 30.00 (per year) of the CCP Comunità Montana Appennino Aleramico Obertengo.

see the rules of the Piedmont Region in detail


Nature walks along the paths

What’s Near Pareto there are many trails for hiking and nature tours. “The hiking is becoming increasingly important in today’s society and the paths become the main infrastructure to go in search of natural environments, ancient villages, enchanted places where time seems to stand still. Walk to know: This is the view that the hiker while driving along a path to discover the region and its peculiarities, rediscovering the pleasure of walking their slowness, as opposed to the frenetic rhythms that characterize our time. ”





Photo of path to Monte Orsaro across the “prato dei grilli” to reach the old shackles of the lime furnace

Photo of path to Monte Orsaro across the “prato dei grilli” to reach the old shackles of the lime furnace

Trails for mountain bike

“The world is even more beautiful seen from the saddle of a bicycle. Maybe that’s why more and more tourists choose the two wheels to detach from the daily grind and discover a new way to experience the natural beauty, traditions , culture, food and wine. Proposals for Cycle touch the heart of the Piedmont region with three of his beautiful provinces, a territory rich in history and things to discover. ”

taken from the site of “Piemonte ciclabile”





Wines Acqui Terme.

Undoubtedly we are in the right place for wine lovers. Wines of the area are:

Dolcetto d’Acqui DOC – red table wine Barbera d’Acqui DOC – red table wine, Brachetto d’Acqui DOCG dessert wine-red sparkling or still Moscato DOCG – white sparkling dessert wine Moscato DOCG raisin – dessert wine sweet sparkling white Cortese DOC – white table wine. Muscat raisin DOC – White dessert wine

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